We are committed to continuously investing in R&D and providing the expertise and added value that our customers need - both now and in the years to come.

Magnetic Level Gauge

-Design based on Magnetostrictive principle;
-For precise measurement of process liquid level;
-Not affected by temperature, pressure, dielectric constant;
-Replacing traditional level transmitterl;

-Precision reaches ± 0.5 mm/ 0.01% FS;
-Including top mounting and other forms of installation;
-High level application parameters, wide range of application;
-core components not contacted with medium, no regular maintenance;
-materials of probe and float chosen according to working conditions;
-easy to install, commissioning and material object calibration free;
-two-wire circuit with 4~20mA /HART output;
-Exia IICT4, Ex d IICT6/IP 68;

Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

-design based on principle of magnetic coupling;
-real time and precise measurement of liquid level;
-vapour condensation and liquid leakage removed;
-switch and transmitter optional;

-precisely made, sturdy and durable;
-special structure and materials;
-liquid level indicator of high definition;
-forms of installation and process connection flexible;

Transmitters & Switchs

-Measuring technology of microwave pulse positioning;
-Little affected by environment temperature and pressure, as well as medium;
-Strong signal handling ability, high reliability;
-Two-wire/ four-wire 4 ~ 20 mA/HART;
-Capable to measure liquid, slurry, powder, particulate;

-Little beam angle, good focus ability;
-Short antenna, good reflection;
-Large transmitted power, strong penetrability;
-High stability, long service life;
-Wide application, hanging-free, maintenance-free;

-Hanging-free, meets requirements of different working conditions;
-No moving parts, easy to install and maintain;
-No safety protection needed, simple in structure, high cost performance;
-Capable to measure liquid, slurry, powder, particulate, solid and etc;

-High versatility, capable to measure liquid level and material level;
-Special structure, hanging-free, cleaning-free;
-No moving mechanical parts, maintenance-free, long service life;
-Signal stable, strong anti-interference;

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